RACCA Educational Programs

RACCA’s educational programs include EPA and HVAC Excellence certifications, a variety of continuing education classes, and an apprenticeship program. We are constantly trying to bring our members affordable comprehensive training for themselves and their employees. For more information regarding our educational programs click the program link below.


RACCA Clinics

We provide a number of clinics for the contractor’s employees. These clinics are not approved for C.E credits. Additionally, RACCA provides Contractor Continuing Education classes and has access to many courses through our state association and a number of industry-related partners. We provide a full schedule of classes each spring and a brief schedule each fall.


EPA Certification Exams

The great thing about this program is that you can take your time, learn at your own speed, and work on exactly the same type of test questions that you will find on the official EPA tests. Using this home study manual, you will have practiced for every question you will be asked on the EPA tests: Core, types I, II III, and Universal.


HVAC Excellence

The HVAC Excellence Technician Certification program was created by the Education Standards Corporation (ESCO) in 1994. Aside from RSES it is one of the oldest competency testing programs in existence. ESCO also provides EPA testing and a number of credentialing accreditation programs.


RACCA Apprenticeship

Our programs are cost effective. For a member firm, the tuition and book costs are approximately $400.00 per year per Apprentice. The Apprentice attends classes (3 hours each), two nights per week for 7 months during our off-season (September thru March) and works for a contractor employer during the day. In Four years you have developed a Journeyman.